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Digital Marketing​

"Digital marketing courses teach online promotion strategies including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and content creation, careers in the digital marketing field."

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Graphic Design

"Explore creativity and visual communication. Develop skills in graphic design to create impactful visuals for various mediums and platforms in just few weeks"​

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Video Editing​ & VFX

"Learn video editing Techniques . Master techniques to transform raw footage into captivating visual stories, movies. Elevate your video production skills in just  few weeks

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Ethical Hacking​

"Learn ethical hacking techniques to identify vulnerabilities and enhance cybersecurity. Gain skills to protect system effectively with our experts dedicated team.""

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Software Development

"Intensive software development course: Gain proficiency in programming languages, software engineering principles, in 12 weeks With 4iQ Expert,Dedicated Team."

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2D & 3D Animation

"Comprehensive 2D and 3D animations course: Dive into animation principles, software mastery, and creative storytelling 10 weeks with 4iQ experts , dedicated team"

Web Development

"Craft visually stunning websites, and user-friendly websites. Learn essential skills in web design to create impactful online experiences with iQ team experts in just few weeks."

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"Explore the world of E-Commerce: Learn fundamentals of online business, marketing strategies, website development, and customer engagement to launch successful ventures 8 weeks."

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Youtube Mastery

"YouTube Mastery in 10 Weeks: Become a YouTube Pro! Learn video creation, editing, growth strategies, and monetization from YouTube masters. Dedicated support included"

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C, C++

"Thorough C++ course: Learn programming fundamentals, object-oriented concepts, and advanced techniques for software development  in 10 weeks With 4iQ Expert"

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Java, Python

"Master Java & Python in 10 Weeks: Conquer Programming Fundamentals. Learn from industry experts, grasp core concepts, and build projects. Dedicated support gets you coding with confidence"

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"Dynamic HTML, CSS, and JS course: Master front-end web development with hands-on projects, responsive design, and interactive web applications in just 8 weeks With 4iQ Expert and Dedicated"

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"Conquer MySQL in 10 Weeks: Master Data & Queries. Learn from Database Gurus, Craft Powerful SQL Statements, and Build Real-World Applications. Dedicated support empowers your data journey."

Tally Accounting Software

Tally + GST

"Master Tally software and essential accounting principles. Gain proficiency in financial management streamline business processes with accuracy in just few weeks."​

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Advance Computer

Comprehensive advanced computer course covering programming, algorithms, data structures, emerging technologies for proficient skill development."